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1.      Introduction.

Petition “mind”” Petition “jailtime”:
BY: Rene Helmerichs WRITTEN: 15 Aug 2015 LENGTH: 24 paragraphs

2.      Per instruction from a John Gayle at The Office Of The Ombudsman received via phone conversation on 7 Aug 2015, this letter begins: “I have a complaint about Mr. C.R. Harris, judge, about a hearing that occurred from 14h30 to 16h30 on 5 Aug 2015 at the Barrie, Ontario, provincial court of justice. The matter is urgent.”

3.      John stated the directions forwarded to him of The OJCJC, overwhich the ombudsman apparently has no jurisdiction, are for me to “give as much detail as possible as to why there was a misconduct.” I suppose John meant for me to provide what The OJCJC is to evaluate in its review for misconduct that it can again, since I have tried this once before in October and November of 2013, judge the evidence to best remain unacknowledged for PREJUDICE.

4.      Here’s the thing. I’ve been trying to have two psychiatrists arrested for criminal wrong-doing amounting to nothing short of Criminal Code section 269.1(b) TORTURE and 120 BRIBERY after one bartered to release me from injections if only I stop blogging. A November 2012 conversation is available to evidence the bribery confirmed with release from the forced injections.

5.      I’m fairly certain nothing I will write or can say shall cause The OCJ to miraculously become honest in The Argument, except maybe one thing. That one thing is not at all considered with respect to the past because it bespeaks only a future that is the future most honestly deemed LEAST desirable. Its reference, however, begins with the past and specifically the events of 5 Aug 2015 at Barrie, the hearing being reviewed. The court did not permit counsel of record for C-14-6966-OCJ to attend, instead used a lawyer not at arm’s length to the prosecution to impede the defence and, when all was said and done, that “amicus” refused to assist me to appeal the wilful Criminal Code section 219 NEGLIGENCE. The hearings of 24 June and 17 July can confirm the amicus was not lawful counsel of record for the defence and the prosecution had accepted me as fit contrary to the 5 Aug 2015 events.

6.      On 5 Aug 2015, psychiatrist Mr. William Komer presented oral testimony to the court that I should be deemed not fit to stand trial based exclusively on answers to general knowledge questions that were not incorrect. Of course in miracles, “not incorrect” does not equate to correct except within judgement of the assessor. In this case, Mr. Komer had provided the court written statement dated 3 Feb 2015 declaring that assessment is not possible while I desire my answers audio-recorded for later verification purposes.

7.      That it took The Ontario Court Of Justice (OCJ) five months from 3 Feb. to 3 July 2015 to begin the hearing of my application requesting the court to ensure my ability to verify my statements, ought to be a bit alarming. Nonetheless, that I still desire my statements recorded, that I be afforded the dignity for equal consideration in court to refute opinionated accusations, does reveal Mr. Komer to have committed PERJURY on 5 Aug 2015 when he swore that he’d assessed me in the period 24 June to 14 July 2015. As he was also on vacation from 25 June to 13 July 2015, a second count of the Criminal Code section 132 offence should be applied.

8.      The court heard testimony from Mr. Komer that I had claimed the two ways to plead in courts for criminal law are Not Criminally Responsible (NCR) and NOT NCR. I thank Mr. Komer for his accurate quotation and share with the reader why my response is honestly accurate.

9.      In Canada, there is no such thing as pleading innocent and one does not need to enter a plea of Not Guilty since the court is obliged to consider the accused not guilty until a Guilty verdict is rendered. The formal rendering of guilt can arise voluntarily with Guilty plea, or upon trial conviction. In some cases, such as that of Ryan Jeffery Hamlin on 22(?) Nov. 2014, a Guilty conviction can apparently also arise at a status hearing but I suspect this may be a Barrie courthouse custom not common to the rest of Canada.

10. In 1990, for the case of R. v. Chaulk, Justice Dickson had vouched “not criminally culpable”, now NCR, to be a plea and the only plea arriving at the intended “true acquittal”, the legalese equivalent of innocent. It had been a New Brunswick prosecutor who referred to it as a “plea” and everyone understood what was meant. Justice Dickson also stressed, referring to himself in the earlier case of R. v. Oakes, that one who pursues a plea of NCR is not necessarily desiring incarceration into a hospital for medical treatment but willing to put up with the treatment on principle to be expelled from an otherwise dead-end, in Mr. Dickson (or Ms; I don’t recall reading a gender reference for that particular projection of our common selfsame) was absolutely correct in both cases, all ways.

11. While I remained at The Waypoint Centre For (malaligned; ref. GOV. ACC. NOW paras. 73-78 for Mental Health Care, Mr. Komer had asked me, for an assessment, “What are the TWO ways to plead in court?” Since there is really only one plea, Guilty, with resulting NCR diversion insinuating responsibility for the crime to be imposed upon the physical body of the accused but not The Mind, incorrectly inferring that Eternity FOR the body is NEVER with sufficient, or with whatever, necessary awareness to provide the healing corporal reward-based benefit, I corrected him morally with answer “NCR and NOT NCR”. Our mind-concepts begin at the correction: common under-standing accompanies realizing NOT is equally applicably, timeless innocence but its opposite, while not-where belief exists.

12. Now, one may judge my responses to have been fool-hearted. I remind readers that I am a hearty fool for Law. Since I have not been able to have Ms. Anjana Chawla and Mr. Liaqat Ali charged, morally I have no choice but to compound advertising their crimes. I reveal MAG to be corrupt until someone reading THIS, probably online, forwards it to someone with more common sense than our idiot judge Mr. Harris and the necessary chain of phone calls begins. THIS talk to dream is precisely the selfsame unrecognized Golden Rule inaccurately considered grandiose by our bribing torturers: reference GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY NOW posted online at .

13. On 5 Aug 2015, attorney for the ordered spinal-pain injections, Ms. Kathryn Elizabeth Hull, sided with psychiatrist Mr. Komer to say that I needed the same injections that I had received at Royal Victoria Regional Health Care (RVH; no care) in 2012. The claim presented to the court is that I lack clear insight into the types of pleas available... and that the injections caused me to stop blogging in 2012. Mr. Komer added his professional opinion that I misperceived myself pleading guilty to a July 2014 charge and insisted that it is still live. The acting amicus, Mr. Vincent Zenobio, a MAG Legal Aid Ontario lawyer, can confirm Legal Aid to have issued a Letter Of Opinion certificate for appeal merits of the plea, demon-straighting witch-doctor Will-i-am from moral corruption: 705-737-3400 ext.14.

14. I can identify over 30 distinct legal contraventions of The Ministry Of The Attorney General, MAG, of Ontario for the 5 Aug 2015 hearing. Most disconcerting should not be the fact that the defence was NOT permitted to conduct the cross-examination, itself grounds for a section 7-11(d)-15-52(1) Constitution challenge to have all charges ubitiquously dismissed, BUT the presumed assumption that the injections will suddenly cause me to find the courtroom knowledge that I, on 24 Feb 2015 in court at Orillia, clearly demonstrated when my plea was accepted.

15. On 24 Feb 2015, I pled guilty to the charge of breach of probation that another morally confused officer, Ms. Tamara Williamson, swore against me in Orillia, Ontario, on 11 July 2014. The charge was for intentionally correcting the probation condition “Do not blog the name Natalie Yewchyn”, which one will note is still being blogged. The charge, to be accepted criminally, had to be taken out of context because the name had only been blogged in a citation from the 4 Sept 2012 police report of MCSCS artist Brian READ who vouched that Rene HelMeRichs had been arrested and subjected to psychiatric punishment on presumption of guilt. The MAG disclosure for the charge contains only the 28 pages that I had affirmed 8 July 2014 to begin formal charges against A. Chawla and Her Minion Liar, and 3 pages to the exhonourable dumbass mull-it-again Mulligan who, for Superior Court Of (NOT) Justice file C-13-205-SCJ, did rule on 2 May 2014 that I was NOT permitted to submit psychiatric evidence for the trial in June of 2014 for the allegations for which I had already been arrested and injected in 2012. Ms. Hull was the prosecutor covering for The Mormon Community Of Christ.

16. Honouring persistent teachers for Law, from page 432 of The Girl Who Played With Fire (ISBN 978-0-14-317010-5), “The prosecutor refused to listen to the facts.” Because Ms. Hull accepted my plea of guilty on 24 Feb 2015, she is well aware that Mr. Komer openly committed perjury on 5 Aug 2015 AND she elected to hide the fact. There is already a complaint to The Law Society Of Upper Canada against her, file number LSUC-2015-169169; however, I expect the greater Ontario government, GOG, to attempt its burial as The College Of Physicians And Surgeons has so often been let to do. Hence our need to share this story. The jail in which thickskin Hull insisted I remain, Central North Correctional Centre, CNCC, a Ministry Of Community Safety And Correctional Services, MCSCS, mismanaged affair of Ontario, permitted one only to make collect calls and NOT to the LSUC or the vast majority of government services normally toll-free. There are ongoing serious issues within MCSCS also intentionally preventing inmates from obtaining necessary courtroom confidence.

17. On 24 Feb 2015, We DID strike a plea-bargain naively thinking GOG would offer respect. The global position agreement was altered the next day for Mormonism at Barrie. On the record of 25 Feb 2015, I was still offered “time-served” and any charge that I intended to challenge with NCR generously dropped on that day. Therefore Mr. Peters, a prosecutor at Barrie, did ALSO reveal me to understand how and why to plea. This brings us to the true nature and object of the singularly adversarial system before us. The actual matter concerns the definition of MIND not in section 2 of The Criminal Code Of Canada.

18. The Criminal Code section 365 offence PRETENDING TO PRACTICE WITCHCRAFT criminalizes the use of potions, the injectible substances costing tax-payers 500 CAD per pop, to find lost knowledge. Foregoing the common sense that forced injections of a substance knowingly having only caused me spinal pain opposes goodwill and IS torture in the educational and criminal law contexts, the simple fact of memory evidences our living environment to be our common mind. These words are my lasting memory as they are yours, and mine next time. What is more, that memory IS the ability to bridge time for desired change to self, and all things physical cannot last, the brain is NOT the thinking part of its operator. Confused? The Euchrist is a fraud and the aliens know we all have eternal existence.

19. On 5 May 2015, Mr. Komer was tasked with assessing me for fitness to stand trial. The task involves a general knowledge assessment of courtroom basics. On 24 June 2015, an order was made for the amicus lawyer to be appointed to assist me in the event of procedural deficit, that I personally retained the right to cross-examine Mr. Komer. On 5 Aug 2015, I was presumed incompetent to perform the cross-examination and, therein, prejudiced; as teacher, I was not permitted equal protection of our Law. An amicus is not defence counsel of record and lawfully I should have been let to demonstrate, at the very least, that I had already been deemed fit in 2013. Unfortunately, Mr. Harris was lead to believe that I am not mentally competent with superfluous statements of Mr. Komer. Mr. Komer intentionally evaded a twice-asked direct question wherefrom he had received his information. Mr. Komer did not have my permission to consider more than that provided in our real-time discussions and violated R. v. Abbey to insist third-hand information need not be verified. Most alarming of all is the fact that a Matthew Keating was the actual assessor of facts and who supported my assertion that I am mentally fit, and stated to me: “An audio-recording would make this much easier.”

20. With respect to the audio-recording, Waypoint Centre chief psychiatrist Mr. James Leslie Karagianis had attempted to end its discussion on 3 July 2015 with statement at lines 13-21 on page 37 of the transcript. James is egocentric, not truly centric. He inferred that it is MY mental illness that I desire NOT to have my statements taken out of context WITHOUT assurance of the ability to verify what I had and had not said. James (Jamie) assumed the lack for trust into THEIR religion for witchcraft IS the mental dis-ease, which, noting the fine line available only in print, is as not incorrect as the rest of my responses to the obstinate idiot Komer had been. In summary, Waypoint Centre demonstrates itself to be exclusively for mental hellth with insistence that its victims not be permitted to reveal to the public THEIR grandiose tower of defamatory Babble we reveal is The Fraud Of All Time.

21. There are two choices for action at any given time. One is to REAL-EYES COMMON sooner and the other is to delay the inevitable. Our system needs healing. The Choice Amidst The Argument In The Business Of Being hellthy IS:
     We shall conduct all further psychiatric-related assessing of I exclusively in writing. Hands shall hand-print every question put to us, as best as possible, while at Ontario Shores in Whitby, Ontario. WE shall then answer the question on the same or subsequent page, and ensure under-standing. Staff paid by the hour are going to LOVE it. For my own compensation, I shall collect the pages for word-processing and publishing in the book of life for which I’ve had a contract since June of 2012. The book is a reality book. I am told that any and everything I say or do in a mental ward may be recorded and used for assessment purposes. Of course, the hellth of the brainless system is of equal concern to the general-taxed labourers who are offered a physical copy of our book in compendium to its FREE PDF, when available, at

22. While active, please join our petition at AND .

23. Talk To Dream is the New Goal Day charity for A Course In Miracles ( we attempted to register in May of 2012. Our goal is to awaken common sense, that dreaming involves the projection of ideas for benefit to The Dreamer, Self dreaming up a reality of ever-changing objects not unlike the physical sphere in which we believe ourselves to be awake. If we were really awake, why are we pretending that psychiatrists can magically imbue an individual with courtroom knowledge through, exclusively, forced injections? COMMON sense.

24. Publicity ensures honesty because honesty is re-reciprocated consistency, 11:11, The Golden Rule, oneness ever-amplified. Signed at MCSCS CNCC 2C8 15 Aug 2015, Rene Helmerichs.

“The best possible care” is an expression hospitals use to distract from the single fact of incarceration without trial on presumption of criminal guilt. Anything harmful to self or society is a crime. Police are generally responsible to ensure criminals are arrested and lawyers are tasked with metting out correction. Hospitals are used to correct behaviour where jails fail but none dares to question the supremacy of psychiatrists, as this book plainly illustrates.

My name is Rene Helmerichs. I still consider myself a teacher. It has been exclusively for creative-writing publicly posted messages that I am considered a danger to myself or others and mentally incompetent. I was not permitted to defend myself in court. The following Introduction is an actual letter sent to a regulatory body responsible, at least on paper, to ensure such a thing as THIS does not happen.

Welcome to our craziest LIFE in this smashhit reality book.

[Throughout these pages, emotion is evidenced. The inclusion of emotion is itself a critical message to those individuals that attempt to subdue feelings with tranquilizers such as those Mr. Komer did reference on 5 Aug 2015. In time, the hearing transcript will also be freely offered.]

   Introduction To Reality.

26. 22 Aug 2015 about 11:30am at Ontario Shores in Whitby, ON. confrontation between patients Cassey and Rene in front of the meal window. Donna with broken finger sitting between Rene and Cassey. Cassey rambling speech with rapid pace encouraging Donna to keep the brace off her finger and to show him that its broken. Donna does as asked stating “When I try to bend it, it hurts like hell. I can’t bend it.” Cassey laughing claims it’s not broken and Donna yields to continue trying to bend it.

27. I, Rene as author, ask Donna if she had an x-ray before the brace was given her. She replies affirmatively. I suggest she leave on the brace and not listen to Cassey. Cassey directs his assaults my way with comments “What do you think doctor Rene?” I reply, “I’ve just told you what I think and think you should stop trying to get under my skin.” (The quotation is an abridgement. Cassey had claimed “I AM a doctor” at one point, as is undoubtably part of his superiority complex, i.e. ego). Nurse Tara was present and I requested assistance, that Cassey be restrained from encouraging others to hurt themselves.

28. Tara informs me that I am to talk to my own nurse as she has her own patients. Cassey laughs and continues. In his mind this place is jail and the rules of jail apply. He has made this plain in past antagonizing mutterings to me. By those rules, I am now a tattle and in line for corporal punishment from the group. The only option available to me is to stand my ground. So I repeated to him, standing now further away on the way to the nursing station to get the nurse assigned, Dana, to Cassey: “I’m calling you on. I’m tired of your attempts to get under my skin (He had admitted to trying to do this intentionally three days past, and two days past openly threatened me with statement “If you’re Lucifer I’ll bang you out right now.” The statement was not from conversation had with Cassey but his partial overhearing of a Bibical conversation I and Anthony shared concerning the equal-applicability of The Holy Spirit. Anthony and I had a good, and long, and diverse, conversation interrupted only by Cassey.).”

29. Cassey responded affirming that I am me and we agreed to leave it to the street, which may or may not happen. I certainly have no desire to waste any more of my time attempting to speak sensibly to his insanity.

30. Looking now at the layout of the area, I stood about as far from Cassey as I had been sitting but at 90, being, or having been, on route to the station. As vocals were raised, nurses came. There was no longer need to call Dana. Brian and Michael, the charge nurse, were present and should have reports.

31. I was lead further away, asked to explain, and eventually stated to Brian my dislike of verbal encounters as there is not an audio-recording. The next day, Brain declared me “a semantics guy.”

32. Michael made comments that I perceived insinuating me to be at least equally at fault. Afterall, I had been heard openly calling Cassey on. Not mentioned is my equally vocal reference to the video surveillance necessitating Cassey make good on threats of assault and come at me so that I am lay him out. I have not desire for violence but do need to stand up for myself especially then, to end the argument peacefully (because no tormentor will knowingly do something on a recording evidence to use in court for the assault charge later).

33. The deferral to the street is great and will end any future argument without need for similar nursing staff attention. For the most part, I am ignoring him. Yes, we are all here for our separate issues and we all need to learn to respect each other. This, actually, is the perfect lead-in to Chapter One of my book.

34. Nurses are to be advised the Introduction was written on 15 Aug 2015 and placed to my chart, a copy thereof.

35. We are writing this book together.

36. I’ve lost my life as I once knew it while a college teacher at Georgian College over the, -- what we can call my mental illness because you’re not going to want to believe that it actually happened and therefore, in your denial, prevent me from presenting myself without illness to you --, practice of misconstruing my statements and actions for want to portray me to be unlike you. Refer to for the legal background if at all you care. It doesn’t matter anymore. Mental Health is big in the news, and as a writing teacher I have full confidence in my ability to write a smash-hit.

37. Chapter One (continued)
Reality at Ontario Shores Centre For Mental Health Sciences

38. The reality is that health practitioners, on the whole, command trust, respect, and obedience without reciprocation honesty.

39. I arrived on 18 Aug 2015, transferred from CNCC, because Waypoint Centre, according to testimony of William Komer on 5 Aug 2015, did not longer feel itself competent with respect to honest well-being. The reader is to recall Mr. Komer lead the court to declare me not fit to stand trial. Thereafter the judge, Mr. C.R. Harris, ordered me to be injected instead of assuring us that idiot Komer assessed me. At Ontario Shores I pled for mercy and received dictatorship instruction from Nancy Burns, one of two designated social engineers in the Forensic Assessment Unit operating for the psychiatric directive. I met psychiatrist Leslie Wong, fag gender, for the first time at 11:11 18 Agu 2015. He is a Criminal Code of Canada (C.C.C.) section 365 defined witch for threatening me with injections if I do not answer questions of court exactly to his own liking. To witchfag I spoke not a sound claiming “I lost my voice on 5 Aug 2015.” Witchfag bickered with tangential questions and accepted only my written statement “Irrelevant” concerning my son with my insistence to postpone discussion. Witchfag insisted C.C.C. subsection 215(3)(c) DOES render him criminally liable if he dose not ensure guardianship of my son is a trump also at his disposal. I had warned him with explicitly tendered statement “[This tangent] is a legal trap.” He assured otherwise and the reader shall behold actioned statements as facts. [To Mr. Wong: IF YOU MAKE GOOD ON YOUR INSISTENCE TO GET INVOLVED, as you now already are, FOR HONESTY, then you shall have my respect and instantly – or as soon as I can have it done – the references to you throughout this text shall reflect the respect you offer with proper entitlement as “Dr. Wong” where currently you see “witchfag”. WE ARE DYNAMICALLY WRITING THIS BOOK and I WILL need to stay at Ontario Shores until the 6 Nov 2015 court date, with your generous agreement to actually help me get out of this legal headache.]

40. To quote C.C.C. subsection 319(7) appropriately for the offence PUBLIC INCITEMENT OF HATRED:
     “statements” includes words spoken or written or recorded electronically or electro-magnetically or otherwise, and gestures, signs or other visible representations.

41. Psychiatrists report to program directors who report to vice presidents who report to Chief Executive Officers of their respective private hospital employers siphoning, collectively, BILLIONS of dollars for pharmasuetical companies that in turn rely on research exclusively considering not ever the possibility that our mind is eternal.

42. Witchfag lost his patience at our second encounter two days after our first. He had wanted to meet with me for “just a moment” because he heard that I was speaking. He lustfully neglected to consider the reason for my election not to speak. Instead, he grew short-tempered waiting for me to finish hand-printing his oral questions to me. He prevented my ability by shifting questions, and evaded entirely my first attempt to directly ascertain his definition for mind. While he sat with a laptop recording opinions in secret, he also insisted on interrupting my writing claiming that I took too long to answer his questions. I shutter to think how a truly disabled victim must feel. The mental assault is incomprehensible and this from one we designated a healthcare practitioner.

43. The nurse, and this nurse deserves true credit, is genuinely respectful AND honest. Anon suggested to witchfag that the questions witchfag needs to ask are already written. To save his precious time, temper, and frustration, why not provide them to me to complete as a homework assignment? Anon slipped me their verbatim answers with the questions as if to spite witchfag on my behalf. Does witchfag really think I will do as witchfag pleases not for us?

44. A mental ward is truly like kindergarten. While supply teaching at Coddrington (sp?) Public School in Barrie, as the kindergarten teacher, I explained life on planet earth:
     Do you think that kid liked what you did? It doesn’t matter if you don’t like him. Do you want friends (attention; the means to end loneliness) or not? If you can’t play well with everyone, and bug the people you don’t like, you’re going to be separated from the group and left all alone. You can find people like you, but until you learn to treat everyone equally you’re not going to awake.
   The great thing about witchfags in kindergarten is the absolute understanding that Teacher speaks with words like GOD.

45. The issue of lack of respect is three-fold understood with realization that Ontario Shores staff:
1)     are not willing to assist me correct a Family Court order of 28 March 2013 wherefore my mother to this day continues to falsify testimony in her delusional inject-Rene-to-silence-him belief system already witnessing her to have lied AND committed numerous assaults and the least of which is her C.C.C. s.283 ABDUCTION of my son;
2)     actively prevent one to demonstrate judicial fitness by, believe it or not, denying the sending of faxes to defence counsel with referral to The Psychiatric Patient Rights Advocate Marie Taylor, who complains and argues about faxing or copying with such delay that days and weeks pass with zero assurance that appearance at non-criminal court hearings will be mitigated or permitted; and,
3)     openly discriminate with reprisal for adhering moral, truly legal trumping court, law.

46. Moral law is eloquently stated as “doing to the other as you would have them do unto you in similar circumstance” because there is only one kind of honesty that all motions equally share. My use of flaring prose is restricted to those whom I first offer choice rendered unto me begun in 2012 which IS the root of the whole of the current legal headache.

47. In 2012, The Inept Chief Witch-doctor Anjana Chawla bartered with me to remove me from her delcaration of mental incompacity, believe it or not. As actions do hold greater legal merit than their descriptions or justifications, there is no actual hope for Anjana Chawla and Her Minion Liar Liaqat Ali not to go down in history as the secondary antagonists of this story. The primary instigator had been The Euchrist of The Mormon Community Of Christ and its Good Sense Budgeting Workshop OF 21 April 2012.

48. I am at Ontario Shores on an order for treatment to be injected with a substance on the idiot advice that it will bestow me with the magical ability to answer court-related questions the way witchfags command. Page 8 of The Applicant’s Guide To Filing An Application With The Human Rights Tribunal Of Ontario states, under heading “Types of Discrimination”:
     “Reprisal: Reprisal under the [Human Rights] Code means that you believe the respondent intended to punish you for claiming or enforcing your rights under the Code;”
   I have a right to better the communal understanding of the kindergarten questions being asked!

49. The substance for injection had previously only caused me spinal pain. It is both inhumane and illegal to threaten me with injection of that substance if I do not answer test questions exactly as desired of me. For one, it negates the collaboration normally necessary for well-being to be evidenced. Case in point is of the second witchfag session of psychiatric tyranny. Mr. Wong refused to accept my previously tendered responses, the result of which Ontario Shores chief witch-doctor The Krewl Kraken Karen (KKK) DeFreitas submitted to court in a letter dated 12 Sept 2013 on 18 Sept 2013. It found me fit to stand in my own defence.

50. On 20 Aug 2015, Mr. Wong had attempted to coerce my will into his with requests that I nod or shake my head in response. I wrote the following as response:
  “If you ask a Y/N question for a nod or shake, it is for you to use in answer to a purpose delineated further in your notes (to which I am denied access). For a record of that to which I have agreed or disagreed, I will need to write the question.”

51. Witchfag did’t get it. I captured his verbal response verbatim in script: “Your response is actually harder to understand today than the previous day. -- can you stop writing please and listen to me? (note that I had been acutely listening; I looked to confirm understanding.) Can I take a look at that?” The page had come to an end and the start of the new was shown to him. When he asked to see the reverse side, I offered “You make notes; I make notes. Am I not permitted to take notes? Can I see what you’re typing?” He responded, “We’re just typing what we’re talking about here.” Odd was the subject pronoun witchfag had used, “we”. I closed with, “The same here.”
   Witchfag continued, “Let me ask you this: do you think you suffer from a major mental illness such as schitzophrenia or ...?” I replied with a direct assault to his ego: “Is my opinion relevant? I fail to see how it has been in the past, and nothing that is occurring right now is indicating your demonstrated concept of healing to involve a collaborative process, or we two would not be waiting on me to hand-print everything.
FYI, your comment about me needing a pencil sharpener was neither appreciated nor appropriate since we both know such a thing is not offered to me here. The comment did remind me of an earlier A Course In Miracles reference, and that had me smile. Thank you for that. My pencil, as you may note, is adjustable and not in need of a sharpener.”

52. As witchfag sat upright from reading my script, his eyes fixed not on me but the end of my pencil and therein did I receive the necessary confirmation that my message is clear.

53. To ensure the message is affirmed, I offer this exclusive: Mr. Wong, I trust you have enough sense to consider this in need of forwarding to your supervisor, whom I imagine may be Susan Taylor but should certainly extend well past Erik Hoskins [Mark Rice; the director], our Minister for The Church Of Healthcare. You’ll not understand one can not be attributed with illness for a creatively written legal message. You declined my offer of answers to your general knowledge courtroom awareness quiz. Instead, you demanded that I write the answers with my memory. Further, you fail miserably to respect your duty under C.C.C. section 215(3) unless, and this is a kind-spirited if, you and I make sudden amends. Amends shall include, according to the asinine arrogance of your own imposed agreement, that
1)     I NOT be injected, medicated, or silenced while presenting Ontario Shores Centre For Mental Health Sciences ITS answers to ITS courtroom questions;
2)     You recognize those answers are NOT mine and I shall therefore need to remain AT Ontario Shores until its staff respect those answers to be partially inaccurate, therefore wholey incorrect; and,
3)     I remain at Ontario Shores until the accompanying document GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY NOW available from is corrected to OUR satisfaction.

54. The partially correct, wholey incorrect, answers Rene Helmerichs was forced to copy without understanding discussion only to avoid forced injections of the same substance for which witch-doctor Anjana Chawla had bribed his release in 2012:
1)     What charges are you facing?
You will be expected to know the charges that you are facing.
2)     What pleas are available at court?
   Not Guilty (Innocent)
3)     What is the role of the judge in court?
The judge listens to both sides (defense and crown) and makes the final decision regarding the guilt or innocence of an accused. The judge will also determine the sentencing or will order your release if found innocent.
4)     What is the role of the crown prosecutor in court?
The crown prosecutor represents the state, the police or the victim of the incident. He/she does not represent the accused.
5)     What is the role of the defense attorney?
The defense lawyer represents the person who had been charged (accused) with a crime. They represent this person and will speak for you in court.
6)     Do you have a lawyer and can you trust him/her?
7)     Will you be able to instruct your lawyer as to what you want to happen in court?
Your lawyer will expect you to tell him whether you are guilty or innocent of the charge and to instruct him as to what you want to happen in court.
8)     What is an oath taken in court?
An oath is to swear to tell the truth in court. It is often taken with your hand on a holy book.
9)     What happens if you lie in court? Do you know what this is called?
This is called perjury. If you lie in court you may be charged with perjury, ordered to jail or warned and released.
10) What happens if you plead guilty?
If you plead guilty, the judge will decide on some time of punishment. He/she may want you to serve additional jail time or may release you into the community on probation.
11) What happens if you plead not guilty?
The judge will order a trial.
12) What happens at a trial?
The judge will listen to arguments from the defense attorney and the crown prosecution. He/she will then make a decision, based on what he has heard from both sides, as to whether or not you are guilty or innocent of the charge. If you are found guilty the judge will then decide on punishment. If you are found not guilty the judge will order your release.

55. The numbers were added here for cross-reference convenience. One shall note the question concerning trust can have no correct answer as TRUST is the collaborative commitment to life as one. Compensation negates trust.

56. Chapter One (continued; posting for
Verbatim Complaint To Ontario Shores I

57. I’m on the FAU ward at Ontario Shores where each is said to suffer their own issues and all are to be equally respected. This matter concerns a nurse, Fred Asare, occurred 17h30 on 24 Aug 2015 at the meal window.

58. The meal was insufficient. I had asked for bread and peanut butter to compensate. I’m told I’m on the list to see the dietitian. The point is the refusal of staff to make active commitment to the FAU Information Booklet Statement:
“We aim for Excellence -- through leadership and learning, we achieve exceptional performance in all we do.”

59. How exceptional is it for a longtime nurse of Ontario Shores, Fred Asare whom I recognize from 2013 conflicts, to be permitted not only to enforce a “four peanut butter per 3 slices bread”, lower than even that suggested of his meal-counter colleague, Stephanie, merely because I asked for an addition 3 having used 3 on one slice before staff at Ontario Shores had the courtesy of informing me of the new rule (the rule hadn’t been enforced until I had asked for 3 more eaches packs in all the time I’ve been here). So the issue clearly isn’t peanut butter. The issue is racism, or discrimination, or leadership training. Whatever one wants to call it.

60. Fred Asare is NOT qualified to be a healthcare practitioner in any practical sense. As a client here, I am aware the cost of my stay grosses Ontario Shores somewhere in the ballpark of $1200 per night, more if I were ruefully medicated with tranquilizers or placed into the “extra care” area the public believes to be used only responsibly. There is simply no just cause to have promoted a scene that drew the attention of every patient present and saw 3 additional nurses calmly take precautionary position behind me.

61. The patient Cassey, having previously decided to include me in the general verbal assaults he mutters in passing to anyone around him, raised the tension with his newfound position physically beside me but advocating for Mr. Asare. Nursing staff have thus for been remarkably obtuse without regarding the borderline sexual harassment Cassey imp-arted Nurse Agnes on Sat 22 Aug 2015 from leers while she did yoga in the weightroom to ongoing courtyard courtings through games, jogging, and finally chats on a bench. Nurse Crystal the evening of 25 Aug 2015 caught on to Cassey’s insidious “jokes” though likely passed off the matter as par for Cassey, or due to her own emotional hardness preventing her to actually see.

62. It was not appropriate for a nurse to make or further a scene settled with the offering of goods collectively valued at less than a dollar. The correct response was for Mr. Asare to offer the goods and set aside a time to speak further about the matter. The actual reaction of Fred is precisely that requiring his immediate black-listing; he is not to appear on the FAU ward again if Ontario Shores has a semblance of sense.

63. Fred reacted with laughter at my comment for him to review this complaint. Fred stated, “it’s my last day and I’m gone at 7, so you better hurry.” I asked whether he’d be back or if indeed it was his last day. He replied “I’m on float. I don’t work here anymore.” I assume he’s already transferred to a position at some other hospital with, God help us, more ability to assert his complex.

64. Fred does not understand the discretionary aspect necessary to be considered a leader and certainly did not demonstrate the kindness aspect normally, or what should be normally, associated with a team environment of healthcare professionals. Most alarming of all, in this situation, was the utter lack of mediation fellow nurses could have mitigated but, of nature or nurture, did not. Any one of the 5 present staff could have ended the silliest of arguments with a simple gesture of kindness. Instead, I was ostracized for reaching into the eaches margarine bowl, to take two eaches margarine in place of the peanut butter for the toast, with vehemous paraphrase “Take your hand out of there. That’s not for patients to take. I will pass it to you.”

65. Really, Fred? It is another new rule. My lasting comment to nurses who are not longer regulars on the ward but let to lead all staff into new, or perceptually new for one who did read the Patient And Family Information (policy) Book, rules is to ensure also to amend the global policy book so that other irregulars can play to the same tune.

66. Consistency IS the mark of mental well-being. So where, Ontario Shores, is the fucking playbook or is it to be the norm for each staff to enforce only the rules they arbitrarily, please, without even verification to the invalid whether that invalid has ever heard the rules?
Perhaps share the rules for an HONEST enterprise.

67. Chapter 1 (continue)
Email: Tax-Waste Ripe For Massive Budget Cuts
FROM: Rene Helmerichs
WRITTEN: 25 Aug, 2015

68. Hello Ms. Venessa Zanette, Manager of The Psychiatric Patients Advocate Office, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

69. Since Rights Advocate Marie Tayor at Ontario Shores Centre For Mental Health Sciences in Whitby, Ontario, seems permitted to brush requests for rights advocacy aside with circular referrals back to staff having referred the question to her, is Rene Helmerichs to assume that he does not have the lawful right to attend a Family Court hearing on 14 Sept. 2015 at Barrie?

70. The Superior Court ordered the hearing but Rene evidently needs a second order to be brought there. This is correctly a matter for The Rights Advocate Office.

71. Are rights advocate not actually to assist with rights advocacy?

72. Cathy Difonte at Waypoint Centre in Penetanguishene refused to assist Rene attend his Civil Court proceedings earlier this year and The Constitution of Canada advertises equal benefit of the law in section 15 to exist. Rene wants to be doubly sure that your office is the office of our Ontario government committing the greatest fraud against Ontario tax-payers, or please help Rene attend the 14 Sept. 2015 hearing.

73. Chapter 1 (continued; verbatim as originally printed) Leslie Wong secures a financial winfall for Rene Helmerichs

74. Mr. Wong, I would like you to know that I would much prefer to communicate orally. Do you understand my hesitation?
(Please also be patient while I record that you speak -- it will help us both to remain concise.)
Please help me obtain the public report assured under Mental Health Act subsection 33.9(2), for the CTO at the foundation of our silence. (my silence.) We understand this is not directly your job but one that you are able to facilitate.

75. “I think this is something you would go through the patient advocate here. Let me just jot that done. I think that would be something that -- um.”

76. I’ve tried the advocate at Waypoint Centre, Julian Kusek, without luck and Marie Taylor, at Ontario Shores, despite numerous requests has not yet provided me with confirmation of even the attempt to fax the Introduction referenced on 18 Aug 2015 to the three parties requested. Thank you, however, for the normal suggestion.

77. “Update on where things are going...
Significant concerns as to your ability to communicate.”
[Wong advises intent to force medication to make me talk.]

78. Then our discussion outright ends.

79. “You are currently under a court order and if you refuse, we will be ordering injections.”

80. We are done.

81. Chapter One (continued; verbatim written request)
Unbelievable. To Nancy Burns, social engineer at Ontario Shores

82. Hi Nancy, this note is for our book. On 19 Aug 2015 you had assured me of agreement for health to include a collaborative effort. You had also advised me, with what I consider logic, that the court order requiring me to be injected is informally stayed if I can evidence fitness. Unfortunately, the assessor has declared me to be with inability to communicate to his standard (no kidding and I agree) and therefore need to be forcibly medicated.

83. Nancy Burns, in 2013 you remarked humour at my reference to psychiatrist Anjana Chawla as The Inept Chief Witch-doctor. On 19 Aug 2015 you also noted recollection of my referencing A Course In Miracles. I share with you a quote from the particularly relevant chapter, The Hero Of The Dream, available officially from
     Into eternity where all is one, there crept a ting mad idea at which the son of God remembered not to laugh. In his forgetting did the idea become both possible and real.
   The quote is a best approximation; free pdf at .

84. Nancy, reality is a constant state established by God. None of us here are to be gods over the others. For this reason alone is wellness evidenced only with collaboration to peacefully resolve misunderstandings. That I am literally unwilling to speak with any psychiatrist off a record should evidence my lack of trust in the business called psychiatry. That a psychiatrist is now intending to inject me for vanity of his desire to hear me scream gives me full permission to publicly defame Leslie Wong as The Witchfag Of All Time.

85. Dear reader, do realize psychiatrist Mr. Leslie Wong at Ontario Shores did neither receive paragraphs 54 and 55, the answers he requested of me on 20 Aug 2015 to be submitted in my own hand-writing NOR has demonstrated any of the publicly advertised Values in the Forensic Program FAU Patient And Family Information Booklet of Ontario Shores Centre For Mental Health Sciences. The true hellth administered behind doors closed to public scrutiny without audio-recording of the adverse healthcare publicly sustained session should be plainly evidenced in the everlasting endgame communication this publicly posted chapter permanently relays.

86. Ms. Burns, you will please convey exactly this message to witchfags the likes of arrogant Wong:
  “You fucking arrogant prick. You think forcibly injecting me is going to improve my desire to communicate to you? How about verifying your fucking near-sighted opinion with POLITE communication I’ve had to Ms. Burns, or better, Lawyer Uma Kancharla who’s assured me of her intent to appeal the order feeding your vanity on grounds stated in the Introduction. Is this really how you intend to be portrayed in a book of reality of OUR dynamic collaboration? I trust you’ll somehow receive all further communication from the voices you hear in the stethoscope held to my thigh while you listen to your fucking potion talk to you. Just WHAT are you thinking? Until you re-evaluate your actioned belief in mind or healing or wellness or well-being, this is the lasting piece of MY mind I leave for all witchfags of your kind. There IS only ONE Kind of honesty and THAT KIND is only assured with publicity because IT COMMUNICATES always to a consistency evidently beyond your egocentric understanding. I fully intend to absolutely ruin your career, legally AND publicly. Talk2dream.Me IS our means to restore honesty where witchfags practice Criminal Code Of Canada section 365(a) defined WITCHCRAFT.”

87. Thanks Nancy, sorry for the tone. I trust the message is sufficiently clear. The chronology that we’d begun on 19 Aug 2015 is available online at , and the MHA subsection 33.9(2) request in paragraph 52 of GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY NOW, available as word document download from . Please get me onto ODSP; I have bills to pay. As keepsake, paragraphs 54 and 55 of THIS chapter are offered you per your 19 Aug 2015 naive assurance that the injections could be stayed. (“Dumbass witch-doctors.”)

88. The record shall indicate Nancy and Rene, me, sat for 45 minutes from 1:05 pm to 1:50 pm on 25 Aug 2015 alone in room 8-2502 on the FAU unit at Ontario Shores, emphasizing only that we trust each other with equal respect. Nancy explained the limit of her judicial involvement and re-emphasized to me her vision of the ensuring unnecessary hardship I potentially face while I shared with her my consideration that Ontario Shores will only be completely disreputed in our book. She then emphasized inability to cause Marie Taylor, the rights advocate, to assist me with confirmation of the faxes for which Marie claims me to have received confirmation. I need only share that Uma Kancharla explicity requests a re-fax. Nancy confirmed receipt of the Introduction, laughed at my grounds for submitting not my answers to the fitness test, and disregard my caution to reason with Dumbass Wong. Nancy stated opinion that I am already fit. This is Psychiatric Insanity.


90. At what point do we begin to follow the law?

91. Specific concern at Ontario Shores on 30 Aug 2015

92. My name is Rene Helmerichs. I am a client to whom Ontario Shores psychiatrist Mr. Leslie Wong is assigned.

93. Mr. Wong is actively refusing to hear me. I am here on a court order to receive treatment because the court had deemed me to be not fit to stand trial, or stand in my own defense as the case may be. The court has ordered medication to be administered into my person and Mr. Wong complies.

94. The objective of the court order is, however, not to medicate me but to help me become fit. And this is precisely the matter for Ontario Shores concern.

95. While I am medicated, I can only refer Mr. Wong to answers for the fitness questionnaire already provided, for which I had been found fit in 2013.

96. The predicament is plain. His argument is that I am psychotic and need the medication to be administered against my will. It has been said that fitness of an individual can vary from time to time. My response to these arguments is simply the ongoing request for explicit clarification, precisely why we cannot speak of our differing views peacefully, without threat of now increase to already forced medication.

97. Mr. Wong may attribute fault to my desire to maintain our discussing restricted to recordable media, such as paper in lieu of audio-recordings not available or not permitted at Ontario Shores.

98. A secondary, or tertiary, concern is thus the lack of courtesy, dignity, and respect Mr. Wong displays to the actual needs of his [victims].

99. My need is to be found fit. The need of Mr. Wong is clearly to medicate me. Since I cannot answer fitness questions incorrectly after having answered them correctly without medication, to be found fit, Mr. Wong has condemned me to medication quite impossibly against the purpose of the order.

100. If I am not permitted access to my 2013 answers, then the statement under the Ontario Shores declaration of Patient Rights permitting me access to “information” is a lie. Moreover, that the clinical manager, Ms. Susan Taylor, of The Forensic Assessment Unit cannot provide me a list of the responsibilities of the social worker, I also cannot be sure how to proceed with a formal complaint to The College Of Physicians And Surgeons in the event the local Patient Advocate, Marie Taylor, simply is overloaded with hospital complaints to acknowledge mine before the next scheduled injection.

101. In the event my complaint is unclear, I would restate it as an argument over the intended effect of the forced medication. If I am to be medicated to be found fit, then I haven’t need for further harassment from Ontario Shores staff demanding I answer fitness questions. And this does apply to ALL patients in similar circumstance.

102. If, on the other hand, I am in need of clarifying to staff in a real-time manner that I do comprehend the roles of courtroom jesters, crowny clowns or other judiciaries, and the general process having led to the presumption of illness against me, then I offer peace with respect that Mr. Wong will cease and desist from his ordered assaults onto me.

103. Actions of “healthcare” staff against clients led to believe medication is necessary for courtroom insight is not above mentally raping the Constitutional freedom of belief. For Christ to exist, mind is already eternal. For mind to be already eternal, the illness preventing understanding is egocentricity beyond the realm of our physical always-changing and permanently temporary sphere.

104. For a physician, in the case Mr. Wong, to ruefully smite his client for attempting to converse peacefully with common (uncommon) sense, several rules and regulations governing the license of that physician are broken.

105. I am directly requesting assistance of the Patient Experience office at Ontario Shores Centre For Mental Health Sciences to assist me obtain the rules and regulations binding physicians to their licenses, from their College website,, as well as the means to submit and follow-up legitimate complaints.

106. I am also in need of money. Please explain to your social worker that us arriving at Ontario Shores on court orders do qualify for Ontario Disability Support Program (O.D.S.P.) Income Support under Directive 2.6. The preamble does obligate no unreasonable delay to facilitate victim receipt of financial compensation.

107. Thank you. Signed. Rene Helmerichs  30 Aug 2015.